Vintage Barn 001


An old abandoned barn hidden back in the over-growth.

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We call this photo, Vintage Barn 001.  The words, “Vintage Barn” describes what you see.  The “001” indicates there is more than one such image in this category.

This image displays an old abandoned barn hidden back in the over-growth out on the farm. It shows the old weathered wood used for the siding.  Professionals use this photo in design work in the area of architecture.

Like all our images, it is high-resolution and royalty-free. It is downloadable for all your design needs.

Vintage Barn 001 is downloaded to you in an extra large size of 2640 X 1760 pixels. You have the maximum amount of usage for the photo and can adjust it to fit in the space that you have to work with.  We don’t put limited licenses on our images like other sites.  You get unlimited uses for a one-time charge of only $2.00 (only two dollars)!

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