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With 26 years in the ministry, the last 14 years, I served as a missionary evangelist. Think about the work of Billy Graham except, instead of holding evangelistic crusades in large cities, I traveled to remote unreached villages in third-world countries. As we were setting up our generator, lights, PA system, etc., the villagers saw something big was planned for their little village. If the village had a population of 400, we would have right around 400 people in attendance.

Many, if not most of the people responded by trusting Christ as their Saviour. Those people organized themselves into a new independent Baptist church. As our evangelistic team pulled out to move to the next village, one fully trained man of God stayed as the pastor of the new church. Through this work, thousands received Christ and my team planted 58 churches in remote villages around the world.

About April of 2001, I returned from another successful set of meetings in Uganda. I contracted a rare neuromuscular condition called Stiff-Persons Syndrome. The condition became so severe, that I had to discontinue the work and have been permanently disabled ever since. In order to report back to my supporters, I became quite the photographer! As I began improving my skills, I learned about royalty-free stock photography and began selling photos on consignment websites. From there, I expanded from those websites to establishing my own site. Welcome to Sugden Photography!


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